Emergency system
Smart sign for the building,
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Emergency system
Smart sign for the building,
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Specifications of the sign

● Displays the name of the street and the building number clearly and well illuminated

● Displays municipal notices (for example: a water break initiated on … and the Haifa Municipality wishes “Happy Holidays”)

● Displays house committee messages (for example: a meeting of tenants at a certain family home…)

● In an emergency at the building, it turns on a high-intensity LED lighting, and flickers the building to the emergency and rescue forces as soon as they enter the street

● As the emergency teams arrive at the parking gate barrier, the parking gate opens and allows quick and convenient access

● The intercom door of the building is disabled by the sign and allows quick and direct entry to the patient

● Clearly displays a fire, earthquakes, missile fire cases on screen. And how to act

● A gas sensor that alerts the occupants in an event of a leak and calls in emergency forces if necessary

● A smoke sensor that alerts residents in an event of a fire and calls in emergency forces if necessary

● High-intensity air horn to inform occupants in case of 1 Ignited fire 2 Acute leaks 3 Earthquakes 4 Rocket fire

● A microphone to notify occupants in case of:
1. Emergency Home Front Command notices
2. Emergency police notices
3. Emergency fire department notices
4. Emergency notices from the municipality
5. Back up batteries for several days

● Main control panel

● Power supplier for 110v-240v

● HD led screen the size of 80cm x 20cm

● HD led screen the size of 20cm x 20cm

● Two 150w LED lamps (Which signals to the emergency vehicles in an emergency as soon as they enter the street, thus saving golden minutes)

● Electric air horn – Alerts in case of a fire or a gas/smoke leak from the building

● Gas sensor

● Smoke sensor

● Camera

● megaphone

● Gsm board which is customized as needed

● Backup battery for 72 hours in case of a power failure

● Controller with a memory for managing the sign’s operations

The cost of the system for a building is 3000 NIS before VAT and a fixed monthly payment of 33 NIS for maintenance and insurance network It is possible to contribute to the company and to sponsor the signs - the name of the company. In each sign: The name of the company and the sign's donor will be noted on the front of the building. The signs are bright, impressive and prestigious.

We work in collaboration with:

Magen David Adom 101

The Fire Brigade 102

The Police Department 100

The Union of Salvation 1121

The ZAKA center 1120

The Home Front Command 104

The Urban center 106

Israel Electric Corporation 103

To purchase an concentrated package for the building, including a smart sign, emergency instruction, and life-saving equipment

Smart building sign

First aid cabinet


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