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  • An emergency system for the building

    Smart sign
    A sign that displays the name of the street and the building number in a clear and illuminated way. In an emergency, it receives commands from the emergency centers and illuminates the building in addition to opening the parking barrier and the building's door

    Training and equipment

    Leave your details and our representative will fit you with the training readiness and the appropriate equipment that is required by law

    Leave your details and our representative will fit you with the training readiness and the appropriate equipment that is required by law


    Emergency flight services for the emergency departments transfer to designated hospitals, rescue, and treatment of casualties, assistance in extinguishing fires, search for missing persons, and more.

    For clarification of flight and contribution of flight hours

    The strengths of the golden minutes

    Best control Golden minutes – A Life-Saving Company Ltd. has a control system that ensures implementation according to all the administration and proper order, with full transparency and proper authorization before the Ministry of Health.

    The control includes:

    1. Installation of smart signage for buildings by a team that has undergone a certified electrician training and ladder safety procedures.
    2. Supervision under the Ministry of Health, direct contact with the emergency center, the company, and the municipality.
    3. The Company renders works to contractors in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Mandatory Tenders and Regulations Law.

    Easy and accessible option to complete equipment for training in the quarter and replacing components as needed.

    Another prominent advantage of the company is the fact that its instructors are experienced in the field and are familiar with the knowledge that is required from the residents of the building and the workers in the field, so that they provide the tenants and employees with the best tools for them and make sure that the training system is conducted in the best possible way.

    Golden minutes – A Life-Saving Company Ltd. has a large pool of employees – customer service and instructors who are ready to conduct a training at any given time so that the client knows that he never encounters a situation in which there is no response to his demands.

    Furthermore, if additional instructors are needed as a result of a large event or an increase in the area of activity, we will provide additional employees for a temporary period or a one-time event.

    Golden minutes – A Life-Saving Company Ltd. provides one phone that answers all its customers’ needs: ordering a smart sign for the building, emergency training, and equipment adapted to institutions, businesses, factories, committees and private buildings, equipment checks, ordering inspection and supervision, checking expired, general customer service, initiative training ordering.

    A range of services that provide a full response to the customer

    From a comprehensive view of customer needs and personalization.

    Golden Minutes – A Life-Saving Company Ltd. In addition to being a smart signage provider for buildings, personalized training for buildings, institutions, businesses and factories and adapting the highest quality personalized emergency medical files to all its customers.

    Cooperation with emergency centers in Israel and abroad and local authorities – Golden minutes – A Life-Saving Company Ltd. A community company with social activities and donations, it has an advantage over any other management body (private management company) in the cooperation with the local and regional authorities and with donor companies and financing entities in its size and deployment. This cooperation is vital to the advancement of planning, and in creating the infrastructure and development of the company.

    Life Saving Company Ltd. enables all its customers to buy or donate under sponsorship and to be involved in its social activities by donating a smart sign to expedite the arrival of emergency teams, as well as training for buildings and life saving equipment through the Golden Minutes Association that was established by the Life Saving Company Ltd. for the purpose of committees and private buildings who are having trouble purchasing the smart sign, the training, and equipment, and in exchange for this, the donor will receive sponsorship of the sign and a folder in open training days, and a file that will be prepared specifically for the donor company on the equipment file.

    "Whoever saves one life it's like he saved a whole world."

    Institutions, businesses, factories, committees and private buildings, Life Saving Company Ltd. invites you to be ready and partners in an emergency.