Distress button for adults!

Life Saving Company LTD

Saving the critical minutes during an event

No need to dial anymore in case of emergency

Shortening times Prolonging life

Special price!

Instead of NIS 49.90

Only NIS 36 per month with no obligation!

For a couple of users under the same subscription at the price of NIS 25 per user!

Family subscription for up to 5 subscribers for only NIS 100 NIS per month!

Working in collaboration with

MDA 101

Fire Brigade 102

Police 100

United Hatzalah 1121

Zaka center 1120

Home Front Command 104

Municipal center 106

IEC 103

To purchase a single emergency button - NIS 36

To purchase a double emergency button - NIS 25 per subscription

To purchase a family emergency button - NIS 100

Emergency button for the building - NIS 300

THE LIFE SAVING COMPANY – Golden Minutes was founded in 2017 by Yosef Biton
Rimon Yosef, who is responsible for saving hundreds of lives in the last decade
and has dedicated his life to this noble cause since the death of his youngest son,

the late Adir, in whose name the society was founded.

Our main goal – "Saving lives" The company manufactures and offers products
which main goal is to shorten the arrival times of emergency teams during an
emergency, thereby saving tens of thousands of lives in Israel and worldwide.
The improvement of this said emergency system is carried out by technologies
exclusively developed by our company for 5 years, and help our customers and
emergency teams to reach the patient during the "golden minutes" – the most

critical minutes.

In addition to these technologies, the company also provides emergency systems
for buildings and structures, resuscitation devices (defibrillator), emergency

training, first aid equipment and more.

Distress button

- In an emergency, dialing is no longer required
- Saving the critical minutes during an event
- Under a collaboration agreement with the emergency authorities in Israel

An emergency system for buildings

- An emergency system for buildings and structures
- A system linked to the emergency centers, significantly shortens the golden minutes
- Critical minutes during emergencies


- Shortening times and saving lives
-Suitable for private homes, public buildings, organizations, institutions, businesses and factories
- Can be purchased included with a maintenance cover

Training and equipment

Early detection and emergency preparedness trainings for buildings, business institutions and factories.
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Emergency flight services for emergency entities, transfers to designated hospitals. Rescue and treatment of casualties, assistance in extinguishing forest fires, searching for missing persons and more.
- For flight and flight hours’ donation details

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